• Birra Moretti Deliver-a-Nonna

 Alright, listen up, Melbourne. Birra Moretti, the Italian boss of beer, is shaking things up this Summer.  Until 11 February, Birra Moretti’s “Deliver-a-Nonna” is hitting Melbourne streets, and it's not your typical delivery. Imagine having an actual Italian Nonna showing up at your doorstep, ready to cook up an authentic feast and spill the beans on how the Italians do it. It's like having your personal Italian chef and grandma.

She’ll show up to your place in a classic Fiat 500, with all the goods for a three-course Italian feast, perfectly paired with Birra Moretti.

Anna Pascuzzo, the Nonna pro from Rosa’s Traditional Italian Cooking & Classes, is pumped to spread the love of shared meals. According to her, each dish in the Birra Moretti experience isn't just food; it's a legacy of love, family traditions passed down through generations – a taste of the real, authentically Italian deal.

“A shared meal at the table is at the heart of Italian culture and I’m excited to share this with the rest of Melbourne. In every recipe enjoyed throughout the Birra Moretti experience, you'll find not just ingredients, but a legacy of love, family tradition passed down through generations and a taste of what it’s like to live authentically Italian.”

For your chance to score this unique Italian dining experience, snag a six-pack from your local bottle shop and hit up www.birramoretti.com/deliver-a-nonna. Get ready for a taste of Italy that'll make you say, "Cheers, Nonna!"