• Mary Grace | Natural skincare for acne and sensitive skin

  • Date: Tuesday 6 June 2023

Acne affects 85% of 15-24 year olds, and 35% of females over the age of 30. New Australian brand, Mary Grace, have finally formulated skincare that is effective, whilst still being gentle for sensitive skin.  We recently spoke to Mary and asked her about her new brand, the importance of skin health and how to achieve it.

Tell us about your journey towards founding your natural skincare brand. What inspired you to start it?

I’ve been in business for a long, long time! Growing up in our family business, I was surrounded by beautiful products that I couldn’t use. I always joke that I’m allergic to life and sometimes it truly feels that way. So sensitive and reactive to everything I missed out on so much, never really felt like I fit in with any of my friends, any of the trends, and the few products I could wear cost mum a small fortune and always came in the most clinical looking packaging. It made me feel like there was something wrong with me, like being sensitive was a bad thing. I set out to create a beautiful range of skincare, home and personal fragrances that looked beautiful, was affordable, didn’t compromise on a single thing and could be enjoyed by anyone – especially those with the most sensitive skin! 

What differentiates your skincare products from other natural skincare brands in the market?

Mary Grace is all about making skincare simple, easy and affordable. The products are multi-purpose, with a routine that can be simplified to 2 key products or expanded up to 5 depending on your skin type, needs and wants. I focus on gentle products, that aren’t harsh or will aggravate sensitivities but will still work well, are recognized and loved by all and truly nourish the skin. We’re not just sensitive skin safe, but pregnant or nursing mumma’s safe, great for all ages especially mature skin and really just take the headache out of trying to choose what’s right for you, whilst keeping prices as affordable as possible. I want someone using my products to feel amazing about themselves, to feel like they’re using the most luxurious products on their skin and putting that little bit of self care back into their day, knowing it’s a routine they can trust and use for years to come.

How do you source your ingredients and what measures do you take to ensure that they are sustainable and ethically sourced?

I only use reputable Australian suppliers, ensuring that the products are sourced through an ethical supply chain every time I order. My chemist and formulator who works with me on creating these products is phenomenal and as passionate about ethical, naturally based skincare as I am and really does the due diligence required to make sure that all the raw materials aren’t just ethical, but natural, free from any of the toxins we want to keep out of skincare and are cruelty free/not animal based.

What is your philosophy when it comes to skincare? Do you believe in a minimalistic approach or do you recommend using a range of products for optimal skin health?

I believe in a minimalistic approach, personally but skincare really is a tailored preference. What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another; though it’s why I focus on multi use products so that each time you apply something from the Mary Grace range, you know you’re getting a multitude of benefits out of the one bottle! When the product is formulated well and you find one that works for you, less really can be more.

Can you share with us some of your favourite skincare ingredients and their benefits for the skin?

Our skincare range is very Vitamin based. You’ll find them in all of our products, with our heroes focusing heavily on them. The 2-in-1 Face & Eye Dream Cream focuses on Vitamin C & A, our Miracle Serum is heavy on the Vitamin B3 and our Rose Elixir has Vitamin E. Vitamins boost a skincare routine like nothing I’ve found before, they’re easily absorbed by the skin and work wonders. I love Vitamin E in a skincare product, as that helps the product stay on longer when exposed to UV rays. I’m obsessed with the Bromelain in our Blemish Serum, an enzyme found in Pineapple Extract that not only helps to reduce redness and fight breakouts, but also helps to exfoliate dead skin cells to help prevent future breakouts!

What is your advice for someone who is transitioning to natural skincare from conventional skincare products?

I definitely find that natural skincare works better, as the skin adapts to it much more easily however it does take time. You’ll always see superficial changes when switching up routines over the first few days or weeks, but when you’re changing routines definitely give it up to three months to track total results. Before and after pictures help a lot as sometimes you think there isn’t much progress and then when you look back you’re amazed at the results! I’ve been using my full Dream Routine with the addition of the Blemish Serum for over a year now and the results still shock me, nothing has helped my skin more, and I love that it’s not a routine my skin has gotten used to. It’s still keeping up that fresh, youthful glow and I no longer have to change my products around and go back to the drawing board in search of replacement products that don’t aggravate my sensitivities. 

How important do you think it is for skincare products to be free from harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances?

It’s extremely important! Synthetic fragrances aren’t always bad – there’s a common stigma around the word synthetic and that it is automatically harmful, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, synthetic is needed vs a natural alternative, however when it comes to fragrance in skincare specifically, it’s not necessary and can sometimes detract from the benefits of your routine. I always opt for no fragrance, even if it means you’re smelling the natural base of that product. A few of my products have essential oils added but it’s not for scent, it’s for the benefits of those! You don’t want too many essential oils as that can do the same thing; become harmful or too much for the product it’s going into. It’s an absolute given that we don’t use harmful chemicals, I always encourage customers to research, look beyond the first page of google, and to all the incredible journal articles around ingredients and how they’re good or bad for your skin, or reach out to a brand owner if you’d like more information around the products you’re putting on your skin and how they can benefit you! It’s important to know that you can trust a brand, and trust their products. Harmful chemicals are only going to hurt you in the long run, when you invest in quality skincare, you’re investing in yourself.

What are some of the challenges you have faced as a natural skincare founder and how have you overcome them?

My biggest challenge was finding formulas that I could use. As someone so sensitive, I refuse to release a product I can’t wear personally, which means we’ve gone through a lot of variations of each formula before finding the right one. It wasn’t just about sensitive skin, but finding as much of a one-size-fits-all as possible. Products for all skin types, all ages, all genders, pregnancy safe, cruelty free, ethical… so many pillars, and we managed to meet them all as best we could by being so selective before releasing the final formula. I’m so proud of the range we’ve created and love how many people it’s helped over the years!

Can you share with us any new products or projects that you have in the pipeline?

I’ve had a product in the pipeline that I’ve been working on for a year and a half now, and I am so excited to bring it out! I can’t tell you what it is just yet, aside from the fact that it’s a Vitamin Serum everyone knows and loves… only this version is a total game changer. I am so, so proud of it. It’s our biggest accomplishment to date!! 

Finally, can you tell us what you see as the future of the natural skincare industry?

I think there’s a big gap in the natural skincare industry at the moment, it’s certainly not as mainstream as conventional skincare but as consumers become more aware and conscious of what they’re buying, the need for this kind of skincare will only increase. I love that for us, for people who have sensitivities, who have always struggled with the lack of options, or who are simply looking for more, for better. Brands that take it into consideration and really cut the fillers and fluff to focus on hero ingredients that work in synergy with each other is the way of the future.

Mary Grace skincare is available at marygrace.com.au