• Sushi Uokin (Hawthorn)

Sushi Uokin, have really taken sushi to the next level.

The name means fish gold (fish good enough for the emperor), and if you say it fast enough, it sounds like “walk in”. The play on words is just one of the many small touches that Sushi Uokin added to elevate the Hawthorn sushi game.

You don’t go to this much effort, unless you really like sushi, and I mean really like it. The honest passion is obvious. From the smallest garnish to the detailed textures and flavours; Sushi Uokin, have really taken this Japanese favourite to the next level.

We were invited to try their vegetarian and vegan menu.

On the edge of the Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn thorough fair, Sushi Oukin are already standing out.

The presentation is immaculate. Just check out this spread.

As we went through each piece one by one; I assumed this was the best sushi I’d had since living in Japan. But then I remembered the convenience store sushi packs I favourited, and the cheap sushi trains, and hardly any options for vegetarians. I corrected myself. This was the best sushi I’d had…ever.

Founders David Su, Jack Kwan and founder and head chef, Angelito ‘Angel’ Bautista, know sushi well. Their goal was to create something high end, but affordable. With previous experience at Koko, Nobu, Ichi Ni Nanan, and Chocolate Buddha, Angel cumulated his knowledge, and is proud of each creation at Sushi Uokin.

Here’s a run down of all the treats we tried.

Soba salad with Yuzu sesame dressing

I love this style of dish. The noodles weren’t too wet or slippery, or stuck together; just very well done. The dressing was the standout: sesame and yuzu, equals tangy and nutty.

Zucchini carpaccio

This was spicy! And overall flavoursome. Angel lightly grills the zucchini slices. They are served cold with so much flavour (fresh ginger, crispy fried garlic, chilli). Even though the flavours were hot, the textures were refreshing with shredded raw radish, and cool grilled zucchini. 

Sushi platter

Spicy Mushroom

This was really tasty. The spicy, tangy pumpkin dressing made it. The rice was fresh, and not gluggy like lower end sushi restaurants.  Angel creates stunning presentation in every single dish. Chopped, dried seaweed coated the rolls. The pickles were moist without being too wet. An impressive start to our sushi journey at Uokin.

Tempura pumpkin

This was a more classic take on a vegetarian sushi handroll. Filled with radish, avo, zucchini, red capsicum (grilled).

Signature Vegan Roll

This was the standout. Angel dresses the rolls in yuzu dressing, then torches the top to achieve extra flavour. Inside is mushroom, capsicum and zucchini. Outside is mushroom with vegan mayo, glazed and torched. This one was very pretty, and delicious. 

Vegetable Nigiri

Avo, grilled red capsicum, grilled asparagus. Yuzu jam. 

These flavours blend so well! Each component individually crafted. Lovely sweetness of the yuzu jam. Not too much. Just a hint. With so much care. 

Capsicum Nigiri

Grilled, skinned red capsicum. Bit of wasabi. 

Is that fresh horseradish on top? Beautiful texture, the flavours complement, with a hint of fresh wasabi. 

Yellow radish

Lovely crunch. Not wet. Lots of Sesame. Very nice. 

The verdict?

Overall, the mushroom and the signature were my favourites. The asparagus was also outstanding. 

The team are confident to be understated. The subtle details cumulate into something outstanding.

There is limited seating. The staff are polite, caring and passionate.

Highly recommend.

Sushi Uokin
639 Glenferrie Road
Hawthorn 3122 
0404 822 050

Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Saturday, 11:00am to 9:00pm
Sunday, 11:00am to 7:00pm