• Shampoo with a Purpose

We all want to be ethical. From searching for vegan shoes that aren’t made in sweatshops with toxic glue, to trying to keep my house clean with products that don’t make me break out in a rash, finding products that I like (and also believe in) can be overwhelming.

Just launched in Australia by mother/daughter duo (Liz and Geneva Valek) is Shampoo with a Purpose.

Their soap-sized bars are 6 bottles worth of shampoo, conditioner and body wash in one. It is a convenient way to save plastic, money and the environment. Each bar is made and packaged in Australia. I was eager to check it out.

Brand new local brand, Shampoo with a Purpose

After using the O.G. my hair was clean but soft. It didn’t aggravate my skin (which many shampoos do). I also got to try the Dry or Damaged formula which gives a bit of extra nourishment. I love the concept, I love the smell, I love that they are made locally.

With their exciting launch, I interviewed co-owner, Geneva Valek.

Interview with Geneva Valek - Shampoo with a Purpose

What was your inspiration behind Shampoo with a Purpose?

Over the last couple of years we've felt our business' strengths turning to our most eco-friendly and waste-reducing products. We were inspired to develop this after seeing the amazing early stages of the plastic-free movement and its impact on our homes and environment.

One bar is worth 6 bottles of shampoo and conditioner.

What is it like working as a mother/daughter duo?

We'd love to say things are all flowers and bubble-gum when family work together, but this isn't always exactly true! Working with family can be intense but we have an excellent working relationship and ethic between us. Our creative collaborations have a unique twist and because we are both from very different demographics we tend to create products with a very broad appeal. I don't think that we would have half the spark we have today if we weren't mother and daughter and I am so proud of how we've come to shape this business over the past couple of years.

Mother/daughter duo - Liz and Geneva

I love the packaging and the concept behind the illustrations of your friends and family. What did they say when you first talked to them about the idea of Shampoo with a Purpose? What has some of their feedback been?

Thank you! All of them were really excited when I sent them the pictures and asked for their permission to add them to the packaging. I rant and rave about this product to every breathing person I meet and in return I've had many friends and family be absolutely shocked by the efficacy of the bars. Most people are tentative when you tell them the concept but you win them over when you tell them that one bar is worth six bottles of regular haircare - then we win them over, even more, when they actually try it. You can use it for everything which is absolutely amazing!

Friends and family are featured on the unique packaging.

You are already branching out into laundry and dish washing soaps. What can we expect to see from Shampoo with a Purpose in 2020?

We are working on a few top secret things (confidential, but keep an eye out for this scoop) - but I can confirm that we are developing a new shampoo bar to add to the range that's specifically for oily hair.

Environmental effects are being felt harshly in Australia. What do you try to do in your day-to-day life to help this? What changes can you recommend we all make to help in this way?

Since taking this new road, we've all made quite a few changes in our personal lives to our plastic consumption. A lot of the development of this brand and product really further opened my eyes to my personal impact on my environment and often my wallet as well. This Christmas I'm using upcycled wrapping paper from newspapers and old books, I'm not giving any gifts with single-use plastic and instead of bon-bons I'm doing a little bowl with surprises that we'll pass around the table (no plastic surprises either). I've also started composting at home and we have a 2 minute shower limit at our house. A lot of little changes makes the difference, like they say, it's better to have a million people going plastic-free imperfectly than one person doing it exactly.

I love that Shampoo with a Purpose is Australian made, owned and designed. Why did you decide to do this? Has it led to challenges along the way?

We are the manufacturers of this product! This is actually quite rare - often a lot of products like these are made by other businesses and are just marketed by the company you are buying from. I think this gives us a strength - it gives us full control of our manufacturing process and input in every key stage of these bars coming to life. Our business, Clover Fields was established in 1983 by our founder Liz who suffered a broken ankle and decided to make up gift bags with homemade bath salts. This soon grew into the incredible business we have today - 37 years of manufacturing is a huge achievement, particularly through the ups and downs this country and economy has seen over the decades. Having Australian-Made product has always been an ethical priority for Liz, of course this incurs a lot more cost but it supports our economy and we are very proud to have Australian made, owned and designed products.

I love that Oli and Didi are mascots of your brand. Is it safe for them to use Shampoo with A Purpose too?

Yes, the product is mild and safe for people with skin problems, kids, pets - I even had a customer who used it on a horse if you can believe that! I've attached an image of Oli, Didi and old man George who is our other beloved dog, now 12.

Oli, Didi and George are all fans.

Shampoo with a Purpose is available online and through select retailers nationally retailers nationally