• Queensberry Pour House (Carlton)

This little coffee shop cum eatery is busy every lunch time, enough to make you notice as you saunter past. The principle is simple: the best possible blends of coffee and snack to keep everyone happy.

I was here with M, at her suggestion. We sat just inside the doorway and were welcomed by the friendly, efficient and obliging waiter who seemed to have the job description of serving and brightening everyone’s day.

The coffee here is fancy. Cold brews and filters are encouraged. For those less adventurous, your usual flat white will be a Seasonal Backgammon Blend by Tin Man Coffee Roasters.

Meals are simple but well-thought. The haloumi, mushroom and egg roll is sweet, circular brioche, with rich well-done chopped mushrooms, a fried egg with the yolk still runny, thinly sliced hot halloumi, long sliced pickles and chimichurri giving the flavour excitement.

The coffee had a strong crema but was otherwise softer and milkier. It arrived with the obligatory beautiful art on top and a natural smile from the waiter who you must only believe loves of humanity.

The twice baked chocolate cake was difficult to ignore. M labelled it a “religious experience” and I commented that it was the closest I’ve had to my dad’s famous chocolate cake specialty. The edges gave a thin crust. The middle was gooey like mousse. The ends were more cakey. It was delicious, or “phenomenal” as M put it.

The menu is select, but it is the service, coffee and cake that would draw crowds. I loved the relaxed but lively atmosphere. I will definitely be back.

Queensberry Pour House
210 Queensberry Street
Carlton 3053
03 9347 1277

Opening hours:
Weekdays, 7:00am to 4:00pm
Saturdays, 8:00am to 4:00pm