• My Favourite Australian Made Activewear Brands

I’m nearly always in active wear, so I want to look good and be comfortable. I also want to be buying clothes that are made locally and ethically. Here are some of my favourite Australian made active wear brands at the moment.

Blockout Clothing

Blockout has been a staple of mine for years. While they are now making some of their styles offshore, they still make many of their leggings and tops locally. The fabrics are soft and thick enough for squatting without everyone seeing your underwear. They fit well and are stylish. Best thing is that they are well priced for those who want to look good without spending a fortune.


Slix has a limited range of active wear with their focus on swimwear for serious swimmers. I have their Gravity Tank and love it. It is quick dry, stylish and shows off whatever crop I am wearing underneath. I love wearing these tops for high intensity workouts where I sweat, a lot.

Running Bare

This is my favourite brand for crop tops. They are supportive, easy to wash, in fun patterns and most are Australian made.

Luxe Fitness
Luxe Fitness is not a brand but a great website for buying active fashion from all over the world. What I love about this sight is that it has so many brands and it lists where they are made, so that I can be sure I am buying away from the countries who are the biggest culprits of sweat shop labour. Running Bare is also stocked on this site.

Active Truth

Brisbane Label, Active Truth

I discovered this brand through my leggings buddy. We are different sizes so are starting the lovely habit of swapping leggings we buy online when they don’t fit. These are now my favourites. The size small is perfect for my smaller waist and bigger thighs. They are squat proof and made in Australia. I love that they focus on styles that look good on all shapes and size.Dharma Bums

Dharma Bums

Dharma Bums used to be all Australian made but unfortunately most is now made off shore. Still, there are some beautiful soft tops that they are still making locally. These are great for lower intensity workouts like yoga, and every day wear. Whilst their crops look great in the photos, I have been disappointed with these as they just aren’t supportive enough.

What are your favourite activewear brands? Any of your favourites that didn’t make the list?