• Lux Foundry (Brunswick)

Wanting to escape the Melbourne hustle? Lux Foundry, is established in the converted warehouse that was Lux Oven Company is just off Sydney Road. The courtyard establishes majority of the dining area, with cosier tables inside. Clients range from friends and couples brunching, to solo workers on their laptops. On a fine day, the courtyard is definitely the place to be. Being dog friendly, and having free wifi, it is no wonder that this place is popular with locals. We had been invited to try the current menu.

We ordered an extravagant global spread of the Mexican beans, Middle Eastern breakfast and brioche French toast.

Brunch at Lux Foundry

The taste of Mexico was black beans stewed in tomato with chili and red capsicum. The beans were still firm, but the capsicum was in soft strips. This was topped with avocado, sour cream, and spring onion and more chili as garnish. We were encouraged to scoop up with toasted tortilla chips.
Mexican Beans

The Middle Eastern breakfast was a colourful bowl of baba ganoush, falafel, beetroot relish, poached eggs and flat bread toasted with zaatar. The falafels were moist with plentiful garlic and herbs. The grated beetroot was soft, as was the cauliflower with spices and quinoa. The baba ganoush was lovely – smokey and garlicky. The eggs were perfectly poached.
Middle Eastern Breakfast

Perfectly poached egg

Moving to Paris for dessert, this French toast was made with thick-cut brioche, a tangy caramel to pour, clotted cream, fresh strawberries and a poached pear. The strawberries were delightfully sweet and this dish was a treat to look at, as well, as eat.
Brioche French Toast

We had two coffees, my first was weak and milky but with a pleasant malty flavour. The second was stronger with pretty art on top.

Enjoying the sunshine and latte art

The mango smoothie was deliciously tangy, with lots of passionfruit and coconut flakes on its frothy top. Cold, and icey, it was perfect for the sunshine.

Refreshing mango smoothie

Overall, I really enjoyed this place. The food was interesting, healthy and there were many tempting vegetarian options. The coffee was varied, but finding a favourite barista is like choosing a hair dresser – you stick with them when you find them. I’d return to try the nourishing bowl, raspberry pannacotta, smashed avo made with heirloom tomatoes, smoked tomatoes, green and grains bowl … for vegos the options are plentiful.

Lux Foundry
21 Hope Street
Brunswick VIC 3056
03 9387 8075

Opening hours:
Monday to Saturday, 7:00am to 4:00pm
Sunday 8:00am to 4:00pm

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