• Berlin Veggie Burgers at Hans Im Glück

A fairy tale in the Nordic style, the sugar house in this story is the choice of ten different veggie burgers.  Filled with birch trunks and furnished with wood and greenery, Hans Im Glück is attractive and natural despite its chain status.

Plants lining the bench seats.
Birch trees creating the restaurant's forest.
The friendly (and patient) waitress helped us to go through the menu and took the complicated orders for all six at the table.  The lunch combo is good value and includes a burger, chips and a drink.  I chose the ‘Heuernte’ burger, which is a walnut patty matched with blue cheese and sun dried tomatoes.

The picture book menu.
The food efficiently arrived to our hungry table.  The dryness of the patty was counterbalanced by the moist melted cheese, like a sauce, and the sun dried fruit. It also featured red onion, a slice of tomato and ice-burg lettuce.     Germany does grain bread well, and this was no exception.  I really enjoyed it and it stayed together as I picked it up and dug in.

The chips were perfectly cooked, hot, crispy with fluffy centres and tasty with a light salting.

I rarely indulge in soft drinks but the ginger beer was natural, tempting and appreciated after a big morning of sightseeing.

With its unique environment, reasonable prices and tasty offerings, Hans Im Glück is a tranquil frolic in the woods.

Hans Im Glück
Friedrichstraße 101
10117 Berlin
+49 30 20679063