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On 14 August I dropped by Plus Five Smoothie on the day of their official launch. It was late morning when I arrived and I was surprised at the steady stream of customers who were getting take away smoothies or sitting up at the benches sampling the Plus Five Smoothie offerings. Clearly the word has got around that Plus Five Smoothie is a serious healthy smoothie venue.

There are a range of different smoothies that are created by blending rather than juicing various fruits and vegetables. The majority of smoothies seemed to be green using kale, celery, cucumber or spinach as the base. Not having had breakfast I ordered the Perfect Date smoothie. This consisted of oats, almonds, almond milk, dates, banana, cinnamon and ice. A note explained that this smoothie would be of benefit to muscles, brain, skin, energy and weight management. All these benefits for $7.50! This really did turn out to be a breakfast in a cup that sustained me through the day. Being blended there was no dominant taste, but the “whole was bigger than the parts”: the oats provided the body but the dates, banana, almond and cinnamon created the subtle variety of taste that made this a very agreeable and uplifting drink/meal.

The name Plus Five Smoothie comes from the fact that all the smoothies have between 5 to 8 ingredients. It is also claimed that the ingredients come from local farmers. In the days of fast food it is great to see a new venue emerge which is committed to seriously healthy offerings that are also delicious.

About the Author
Michael is a food and wine connoisseur.  He also makes a delicious chocolate cake.

Five Plus Smoothie
265 Little Lonsdale Street
Melbourne 3000

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