• Sagrantino (Berlin)

Arriving late in the evening after a long flight (including 9 hours stop over due to delay, with my brother resorting to painfully testing me on all his Japanese vocabulary) I was tired, and I was hungry.  At 11:00pm, finding an open restaurant near our hotel was challenging, if not tedious.  The first one was open but the kitchen was closed, the second was completely shut-up, as we almost resorted to a fast food chain, we spotted Sagrantino – a little, lively, locale serving what seemed to be quality Italian food and wine.

We sat out the front, on the comfy cushioned benches where the atmosphere seemed to be.

There are few vegetarian options but the truffle tagliolini does not need competition.  The pasta was fresh and slightly al dente.  Its sauce was simple with butter, cream and parmesan.  The resounding flavours were of cheese and truffles (both fresh and dried).  In sum, it was delicious.

Forcing myself to ‘make the most of being in Europe’ I ordered a glass of Sangiovese, to help ease the jet lag.  There are several wines on offer, and neighbouring the origin country seemed to be an advantage.  Yum.

Apart from late night feasts for the time-ill-adjusted, Sagrantino is a spot for sociable outings with slow meals and drinks over jovial conversations (or so it seemed from the profile of other clientele).

Behrenstraße 47
10117 Berlin Germany
+49 30 20646895