• Tea-Room Martel (Geneva)

Arriving in Switzerland, I had only one aim: to drink hot chocolate.  Meandering through the pretty but orderly streets in the autumn drizzle, we passed Martel several times before realising it was our destination.  The work of artisan chocolatiers was a reassuring sign, as were the occupied tables as Swiss ladies, gents and children enjoyed a light lunch or dessert.

The signature hot chocolate was the chocolat chau de maison – creamy like butter, rich and well mixed, it had a light froth and the quality of the chocolate was evident.

Returning later in the day, I tried a vegetable roll, filled with cold, grilled vegetables and a liquid, tangy, creamy mayonnaise.  The veggies included slices of tomato, zucchini and eggplant.  The bread was multi-grain with chewy edges.

Martel is expensive at CF8.20 for a sandwich and CH5.40 for the signature hot chocolate.  But one must take such indulgences when holidays are rare.  It was totally worth it for the Swiss experience.

Tea-Room Martel
Rue de La Croix D’Or 4
1204 Geneva Switzerland
+41 (0) 22 310 31 19