• Trattoria Pizzeria Dei Trulli (Geneva)

Perhaps it is sacrilegious to eat pizza in Geneva, but declining a more typical meal of meat or fondue, it seemed like a logical choice (plus pizza is one of my favourites).

With a bottle of Cianti and a vegetarian pizza featuring eggplant, I was happy.  We then proceeded to become tipsy and full over the next few hours.

The Cianti was a 2011 Zanini.  It was smooth but full-bodied and ready for drinking as the perfect table wine should be.

The pizza was on a crisp but flavoursome base, slightly blackened but still yeasty. The eggplant was in thick slices but well-cooked.  Other veggies included green capsicum and mushrooms.  The base was tomato, fresh, rather than concentrated so that its flavour remain light.  Fresh basil sat on top rather than being blended through the pizza.

Part of Switzerland is Italian in its culture so perhaps the quality of pizza in its capital can be attributed to this.  It was an enjoyable meal.

Trattoria Pizzeria Dei Trulli
Bd Carl Vogt 81
1205 Geneva Switzerland
022 328 70 68