• Meson C'an Pedro (Majorca)

The best thing about a holiday is undoubtedly the food.  And on a recent get-away to Europe, I got a lot of it.  Three nights in Majorca, 1 in Geneva, 2 in Gent and four in Paris – it was an ambitious ten day itinerary.

The food journey started with a local meal at a popular restaurant, Meson C’an Pedro.  On an inland hill, one would not expect a thriving restaurant, and that’s still the case when looking up at the entrance from the carpark.  Ascend the concrete steps and the view opens to a massive eatery in traditional colours with the plethora of male waiters running plates and joking with locals and tourists alike.

To begin I tried the Gran Vina Sol, Torres 2012 Chardonnay, which smelt closed with cold grapefruit and a touch of oak.  On the palate it held acid with only subtle oak.  It was dry and lemony without being tangy.  With a refreshing nature, I imagined it would cut through a creamy dish well.

The vegetarian recommendation was a local dish described in a mixture of Spanish and Catalan, forcing me to take my chances.  It was called tombet with potatoes oven baked. It was actually similar to a moussaka both in style and taste with soft potatoes, eggplant and red capsicum in a tomato sugo.

Red wine was the El Coto, 2009 Rioja which held over-ripe strawberries on the nose along with dusty wood like a typical tempranillo.  It had legs, tannins a herbaceous finish and length.  It was a big, salty wine, especially for a tempranillo and held a lot of flavour.  With the tombet, it brought out the tomato flavour but the wine softened itself.

Being in Spain, I was craving crema catalan and was excited to see it offered for dessert, despite the waiter eagerly recommending banana cake.  Its aroma was of burnt toffee with a hard, thin crust, brunt and spiced.  The crema was light but rich like a think but lightly whipped custard.

A meal at Meson C’an Pedro is a Majorcan experience, away from the tourist traps of the coastline.  Not only that but it was hearty and delicious.

Meson C’an Pedro
Carrer Rector Vives 14
07015 Palma de Mallorca
Balearic Islands, Spain
+34 971 70 21 62