• The League of Honest Coffee (Exploration Lane, Melbourne)

As the name suggests, Leagues is committed to good coffee.  I took a seat on one of the bright, backless stools and observed the friendly corporates in a buzz of chatter that is so hummed I cannot make out any words.  This was juxtaposed against an interior and staff that were colourful and busy.

The breakfast tart had been recommended, along with the coffee, and perhaps for good reason.  The tarts are open cups of puff pastry filled with egg, feta, spinach and tomato.  The climax is the moisture of the egg, other aspects are standard but come together well.  After my first tart, my friend and I brainstormed how we could best make batches of them for a portable breakfast.  We decided the timing for the egg texture would be the key.

My coffee was served with a smile and a heart.  It was made with good milk so that the texture was thick of froth rather than foam.  The flavour was not strong or bitter but more creamy and malty.

Leagues is a cheery and convenient place.  Other morning snacks include tempting almond croissants.

The League of Honest Coffee
8 Exploration Lane 
Melbourne 3000
03 9654 0169

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