• Grain Store (Flinders Lane, Melbourne)

Opened just over a month ago and with a focus on seasonal produce, Grain Store is relatively new on the scene, but already gaining in popularity. We were lucky to be invited for a launch party last Friday.  This saw us checking out the space and tasting a variety of food, show casing their culinary skills (albeit not the cuisine from their regular menu).

The potato chips were thin and crispy and tasted spiced.  The slaw was with witlof, a creamy, tangy dressing, and a smidgen of parsley.

The red witlof with cous cous was crunchy and cold, like fresh, raw vegetable, even though majority of this taster was grains, as the eateries name may warrant.  The quinoa, cous cous and bite of the salad were flavoured by the bitter bite of the witlof.

The potato fondant was an Australian take on the old fashioned Swiss favourite raclette.  The potato was in one piece where the vegetable had been cut into short cylinders and then hollowed.  The centre was filled with gruyere, cream and raclette.  These were served piping hot with the cheese dangerously oozing.  An instant body warmer.

The polenta planks were dusted with powdered rosemary and salt.  These had been exceptionally cooked.  The polenta inside was fluffy like creamy potato mash, but the outside crust was super crunchy, retaining less oil from high heat frying.  These were simple but very well done.

Beer on tap is True South.  It was creamy with a light flavour of malt.

The interior of Grain Store is one that I would describe as Nordic.  Natural wood features throughout and gives a down to earth feel against the white painted pipes exposed on the ceiling.

Grain Store is open for brunch, lunch and private functions.  Down the New York end of Flinders Lane, Grain Store is in a spot with few options for morning coffee or breakfast meetings.

Grain Store
517 Flinders Lane
Melbourne 3000
03 9972 6993

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  1. After reading your review, I decided to go there for brunch yesterday. I ordered poached eggs and Portobello mushrooms served on a potato rosti. The mushrooms were still firm, the eggs were perfectly cooked (I nearly asked for some bread to sock up the egg yolk) and the rosti was full of flavour. My friend had the pancakes which were yummy as well. I love the Nordic decor, which I can imagine having at home (in my next place perhaps?). We were seated at a window table and it was so tempting to sit back against the cushions and relax after a satisfying meal. But they need to sort out their booking system as I had emailed and rang but they had no record of it. Luckily, we were able to get a table as it was packed. Ros

  2. Eggs, mushrooms and potatoes always make a satisfying vegetarian breakfast if done well. I am still yet to pop down there for breakie but plan to one morning soon. Good tip about the booking system, I will let them know. Thanks for sharing your brunch experience! As always, nice to be inspired by food ;)

  3. I did tell the waitress about the booking system and she was very apologetic. I also mentioned Nouveau Potato and she was pleased about that. I hate seeing typos in my comments (soak not sock!) That's what happens when you have a cat which wants to walk all over your laptop when you are typing. Wanted to go to Shed 5 for dinner last night after reading Michael's review but it was not open for dinner. Met my friend's French flatmate and he went there for lunch last Saturday and raved about it. Made me all the more disappointed that I couldn't go. Well, another time... Ros