• A taste (or two...or more) at Chelsea Market.

Lucky enough to be staying with my cool aunt in Chelsea, I was immediately introduced to the Chelsea Market.  A converted biscuit factory, the Chelsea market is not quite the same as those with the energetic fruit and vegetable sellers of Bolivia.  Instead it houses food boutiques, bakeries, cafes and even a specialty beer shop.  If I had been staying more time, I would have tried every shop within those walls (or every shop with something vegetarian).

Day one, ice-cream was compulsory.  L’Arte del Gelato does delicious gelato.  The first time I visited, I ordered my typical chocolate and nutty flavours.  They were so smooth and creamy.  The second time (after a big brunch) I had peach, passionfruit and berries.  The peach really tasted like a fresh peach, just in ice form instead of flesh.  All three was deliciously refreshing.  My aunt loves the pistachio one.

Amy’s Bread is apparently famous.  For breakfast I tried one of their ‘Almond Brioche Toasts’.  It was in between an almond croissant and French toast, with the inside creamy and flavoured with almond, and the top covered with almonds and icing sugar.

Yummy almond brioche.  It went very well with a good coffee.
Coffee at Ninth Street Espresso was amazing.  I paused when ordering my 6oz of coffee.  Do people really say ounces when ordering caffeine? The coffee is served at 3, 6, 9 or 12 oz all with milk.  It was incredibly flavoursome…possibly one of the best I have ever had (this is a big call considering I spent several days in the coffee region of Colombia).

Mastery at work.
Waiting while wondering where in the world I should head next...
And moments later: my delicious coffee.
Lucy’s Whey was the last place I managed to try at Chelsea Market.  As a gourmet cheese shop, its toasted paninis came recommended.  Beautifully wrapped, as if for a gourmet picnic, the brie and fig panini was too tasty for me to do anything but gobble it down quickly.

Too cute.
If in the area, head to the High Line to build up an appetite with a lovely stroll, consume your take-away, or digest your Chelsea Market meal with a view of art galleries and New York traffic.

The Details
Chelsea Market
75 9th Avenue
Chelsea, NY 10011

L’Arte del Gelato
(212) 366 0570

Amy’s Bread
(212) 462 4338
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Ninth Street Espresso
(212) 228 2930
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Lucy's Whey
(212) 463 9500
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