• Doughnut Plant (Chelsea, New York)

When traveling, I am always looking for the authentic experience.  Extending this to food, in New York it meant doughnuts.  Doughnut Plant is recommended by trendy Chelsea-dwellers and is not your typical quick, sweet snack chain.  Instead, doughnuts become a speciality.

One can choose from two types: cake doughnuts and yeast doughnuts.  The former have a denser texture whereas the yeast brings a light, fluffy texture.  There are many interesting flavours for each. I chose a coconut yeast one and a hot chocolate.
The perfect energy hit?
The doughnut was covered in white icing, but most of the flavour was in the creamy centre which held smooth, white custard, intensely flavoured with coconut milk.  The dough was indeed fluffy and the outside still slightly crisp from frying.

Inside to out: creamy, fluffy, sugary.
The hot chocolate was a treat, made with Valrhona chocolate and hot, frothy milk.

Doughnut Plant
220 West 23rd Street  
Chelsea, NY 10011
(212) 675 9100

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