• Snacks at BB Lanches

The standard of Rio's food is really qualified when you see a queue an hour long for a juice and toasted sandwich bar.  Juice bars are plentiful along the beachside suburbs of Rio de Janeiro, and unless clearly stated otherwise, lots of sugar is added to each drink too.

BB Lanches was supposeably the best and juding from the long queues over the past couple of days, I thought the status must have been correct.

I ordered an acai natural (the superfood berry and by natural I meant no sugar) and a soja salada  (soy buger and salad) sandwich.

The acai was still very sweet but knowing it is a superfood somehow makes it seem more healthy.

The soya burger was on a very white roll, toasted with a soft soy burger that was almost soft enough to be a dip.  I was pleased for a vegetarian offering abnd enjoyed my sandwich, but I concluded that no one would ever queue for a toasted sandwich like this at home.

BB Lanches

Rua Aristides Espínola 64
Leblon,  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
(21) 2294 1397