• Cafe da EAV do Parque Lage

Rio is a beautiful city.  As a traveler, I find myself overwhelmed by its spectacles and interested in its intense culture, which I am trying to understand bit by bit each day.  Walking around the lake to the EAV I just kept thinking about how beautiful Rio is and how I was so pleased to have come.

The EAV is a visual arts school located at the foot of Corcovado just near the beautiful botanical gardens.  Set up in an ornate historic building, surrounded by lush greenery and backdropepd by the mountains, of all the photos I have taken in Brazil so far, one of the EAV has gotten people commenting the most.  Amongst this gorgeous scenery is a café which is well known for serving good breakfasts to trendy Cariocas.

The special breakfast trays differ slightly depending on the day of the week.  We went on a Sunday and after perusing the rest of the menu, we agreed as many others did, that the breakfast special was the best value and would give us a taste of the different food on offer.

Sunday saw the breakfast tray bringing: fresh juice, a selection of artisan breads, ricotta with dill, minas cheese, fresh fruit, cake, biscuit plus tea, coffee or chocolate (from which I opted for the latter cold).

The juice was pineapple and refreshing with a couple of small ice pieces that no doubt were put in with the bulk of the juice before being poured into its paper serving cup.  The breads were exciting after a week of fluffy white hostel rolls.  The baguette was my favourite but not as crusty as I would have liked.  The other breads in slices were slightly stale or had been left out cut for too long.  The fruit was watermelon and honey dew.  The cake was pleasant like a sweet tea cake.  The chocolate was like a simple cocoa with sugar and cold milk.  There was more than enough food and it was a treat to have a decent breakfast after the same offerings in the hostels all week (fruit and white rolls with plastic cheese).

We really enjoyed our meal.  The food was not outstanding but it was the best breakfast we had eaten for a while and the scenery was stunning.  At R$20 for breakfast, the EAV is definitely worth a visit.

Cafe da EAV do Parque Lage
Rua Jardim Botânico 414
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
(21) 2226 8125