• El Fayhaa Sweets (Sydney Road, Brunswick)

I love Baklava.  With a sweet tooth and a childhood of nut deprivation (my brother was highly allergic), the combination of sugar and nuts are now a glorious treat.

Before leaving for my great adventure, my friend surprised me with a visit to the family’s favourite sweet shop, El Fayhaa Sweets.  The shop front is simple with natural wood and a counter displaying several trays of desserts.  We choose walnut baklava, pistachio baklava, semolina cake, walnut cigars, pistachio cigars, walnut nests and pistachio nests.  Despite having similar ingredients (with the exception of the semolina cake) we somehow decided that a taste of each was warranted.

My favourite was definitely the traditional walnut baklava.  The cigars and nests were no doubt easier to eat than the traditional sliced baklava (with the pastry expertly holding in their contents), but somehow not as amazing.  The shape of the pastry and nut layers somehow led the centre to soak up the sweet, spiced syrup to make this a moist and delightful explosion of flavour.

The semolina cake was lighter on the syrup but beautiful with hints of rose and honey.

El Fayhaa Sweets
648 Sydney Road
Brunswick 3056
03 9386 6974