• Felice: The best veggie burgers in Rio?

As well as the group I was travelling with being vegetarian, the lady at the first hostel which I stayed was vegetarian too.  She recommend Felice's veggie burgers and ice-cream.  After too many bad meals and filling up on juice, I was pleased to finally have a decent vegetarian meal.

The veggie burger comes with your choice of bake, salad and sauce.  The first time I ordered fries, organic greens and a shoyu sauce.  I had food envy of the others and next time ordered the mustard mayonaise, and the pasta salad.

The veggie burger is not oily like most of the food in Rio, it seems that it has been baked instead.  The salads were tasty and fresh, and the carb-loaded ones more filling.  Overall, I definitely rated this place and would recommend it to any vegetarians travelling in Rio.

The other highlight of Felice's menu are its cocktails.  Liquars mixed in with ice-cream these are a refeshing and delicious treat.  Despite trying to budget for my trip, food (as you may have guessed) is one of my weaknesses.

Rua Gomes Carneiro 30
Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
 (21) 2522 7749