• Finally a decent meal: Vegetariano Social Clube

The Vegetriano Social Clube is a haven amongst the bars of Rua Conde Bernadote - as my vegetarian friend and previous Rio dweller commented, only here would you find a good vegetarian restaurant quiet with bars either side packed.  This spot is quiet, clean and relaxed.  The decor is simple and happy.  Of course the best thing about it is that for once you can get a decent vegatarian meal.

I ordered the sanduiche legumes. Whilst my folded over sandwich didn't contain slabs of tofu as expected, the flavours of the grilled vegetables were lovely, made even more so by the spicy sauce.  The veggies were cooked but not overdone so they maintained a bit of a crunch.  The salad dressing was beautiful with olive oil and herbs.

This was the first meal I had had in a while that had been really enjoyable.

I returned later for lunch and found them offering a buffet with a variety of delicious vegetarian salads and hot dishes.

Vegetariano Social Clube
Rua Cde Bernadotte 26 
Leblon,  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
(21) 2540 6499