• Oki2Go (Acland St, St Kilda)

My friend really likes Oki2Go.  She described it to me as the best Japanese restaurant.  Ok, maybe I am a snob but I really didn’t think it was that good.  There is always the problem of raising expectation too high only to be disappointed, and that is what happened.

Don’t get me wrong.  Oki2Go is not terrible.  But comparing it to somewhere like Aoba, it’s just not up to scratch.

The service was pleasant.  The staff were friendly and helpful.  We ordered greens with mushrooms to share, fried rice (which is the favourite dish of my friend, not me), then for main I had tofu bento while she had tofu steak.

The greens were a little too oily, but fresh.

The bento box was well done with several different flavours.  The tofu was firm rather than silken.  The predominantly radish salad seemed very healthy, and the tempura had a long carrot half with the usual staple tempura veggies.

Whilst the fried rice had a pleasant wok flavour, I am not a fan of this dish (always associating it with leftovers).

The tofu steak was a full-on protein slab: filling and agreeably flavoured.

With some plum wine and good company, I enjoyed the meal, but found it to be nothing outstanding.

92 Acland St
St Kilda  3182
03 9534 8879

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  1. I had walked past this place and wondered what it was like - sounds like I need to just keep on walking...

  2. It's better than some places around there... but not as good as others.

  3. OMG!!! After 3 years going here, went in there for dinner at 9.30pm and asked if they where still serving food, they said yes but we are closing soon and can you sit outside! So my girlfriend and I do, we order and begin to eat.

    3/4 through the meal while my girlfriend was actually eating her food the waiter went to take the food away from her!!!!! Omg, so we say sorry we are still eating. 5 seconds later he comes back with the bill saying "we are closing now"!!!! We say but we are not finished and we still have 3/4 of our drinks left!!
    He says "but we are closing" So I said well then we are happy to pay for the food as we have almost finished but the drinks are not even close so we will leave and take the drinks off the bill please!
    He then starts swearing F#$k you etc we are closing and takes the drinks away and pours them on the foot path in a rage!!!!! Omg. So we pay for the food. he then starts smashing the furniture around us and the closes the umbrella on my head!!!! The owner/manager sees this, Thankfully he seemed to care a little(I think) I tell him about what happened doesn't seem to care and the young waiter again starts to swear at me in front of the owner!!!
    I was nice the whole time wasn't drunk etc etc!!!

    Never ever will i go here again and highly recommend nobody does also, the worst experience I have ever had anyway.

  4. Sorry to hear you had such a bad time. It is a shame when just one staff person can ruin the whole experience.