• Breizoz French Creperie (Brunswick St, Fitzroy)

I try to speak French.  I used to be fluent, now I have trouble stringing together the easiest of sentences without losing the listeners patience or mixing Spanish words.  I am not even committed to regaining my French.  The one French activity I have every month, is a book club, set up by a lovely friend, with likewise lovely people who all want to practise their conversation.  Even this I have missed too many times. But with a celebration of the year’s end held at a creperie, I felt obliged to enjoy.

It seemed the table next to us was a similar French group, speaking in English then French, then dictionaries on the table.  Apparently this is the hang out for such things.

Upon recommendation, I ordered the  Provencale.   It was a savoury galette with egg, cheese and ratatouille.   The ratatouille blended well with the cheese.  It was pleasant, but I had food envy of the girl next to me who ordered the special of goats’ cheese with walnut salad.  Whilst seemingly small, I was too full to order dessert.

We enjoyed our meal with cider and spoke to each other and the waiter in French (of course).  The decor and atmosphere are similarly French styled.  I would have liked to have said that being in the Fitzroy creperie made me feel like I was in France, but it did not.  I only remember eating crepes off the street in France, I visited no crepe restaurants there.  Only little stands with hot plates, smiley men and tastes sensations expertly whipped up in seconds.

Breizoz French Creperie
49 Brunswick St
Fitzroy 3065
03 9415 7588

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