• Malvern Hotel (Malvern Rd, Malvern)

Eclectic meals remind me of my mother.  She’ll serve Chinese noodles, Italian salad, steamed vegetables and BBQ all in one meal.  So when I recently tried the Malvern Hotel’s vegetarian tasting plate, I could not help but think of her.

I had ignored the Malvern Hotel for most of my life, but since its change in ownership a couple of years ago, it has been launched from pub to restaurant status.  Several people have told me that “everyone raves about the Malvern Hotel”.  Despite these reports, I had never met anyone who had been there or raved about it themselves.  But on this second-hand information, we found ourselves enjoying dinner at the Malvern Hotel the other night.

Arriving later in the evening, the waiter sat us on a big table at the front with a buzzier atmosphere than the stylish side dining room.  The combination of soft mood lighting, wood interior and tables filled with an older crowd gives the Malvern Hotel a lively but casual atmosphere.

There was only one vegetarian main, a tasting plate with its inclusions changing daily.  Tonight was the goats cheese soufflé (also appearing as an entree on the menu), char grilled asparagus with baba ganoush and salad, and a baked pasta.

The soufflé was perfectly risen.  The soft flavour of goats’ cheese was complemented by a cold Middle Eastern style cous cous.  Whilst this seemed a bizarre accompaniment, the salad was refreshing against the warm, fluffy cheese.

In the middle of the plate was char-grilled asparagus on a beetroot and mixed leaf salad.  This was met with a dollop of smoky baba ganoush and a light balsamic dressing.

The final tasting was a warm pasta with mushrooms.  The past was in soft, slippery sheets and had been sauced with cream and truffle.

Each of the individual tastings were unique and delicious.  The variety of flavours made this feel like a meal, rather than just  one course.

So will I be raving about the Malvern Hotel like everyone now?  Well, I was surprised to have enjoyed the experience as much as I did.   I will definitely be recommending it.

Malvern Hotel
1117 Malvern Road
Malvern 3144
03 9822 3582

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