• Trunk Diner (Exhibition St, Melbourne)

When the sunny weather blesses Melbourne, I cannot help but wish I were at the beach instead of in a grey office with views but no feeling.  In this mood last week, I was pleased to find a spot in the sun at Trunk Diner for lunch.  Seated on the beach-side-style wooden benches, I tanned my arms and became happier with vitamin D energising my smile.

Trunk Diner is the relaxed side eatery to the restaurant/bar, Trunk.  Located in the middle of the CBD, it is a agreeable spot for an outdoor eating area.

I ordered the Portobello mushroom quesadillas, my friend the ‘un-cut’ salad, and to share a serve of fries.

The quesadillas were light and tasty with Portobello mushrooms, roasted corn, fetta and Fontina cheese.  I topped this with the table’s Mexican chilli sauce and it went down a treat.

My friend enjoyed her salad, commenting that it was perfect (she had wanted a light meal).    It was a tasty mix of roasted pumpkin, mixed salad leaves (they had run-out of spinach), green beans, peas, corn, fetta and almonds.  

The fries were crispy and hot.

The menu is limited showing mostly small dishes, but several vegetarian options – just what I feel like on a hot day.

Trunk Diner

275 Exhibition St
Melbourne 3000
03 9663 7994

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  1. I love places in the city where you feel like you are escaping the corporate world. Jungle Juice is one of my favourites for that kind of vibe (although you don't get the benefit of sunshine as well).

  2. So very true. I also used to like the courtyard at Cafenatics in Flinders Lane, but I haven't been there for ages. Although nothing really replaces getting out of the city for a nice meal.