• Sunning it up at the Botanical

169 Domain Rd
South Yarra 3141
03 9820 7888

Doesn’t this lovely weather make you want to go out walking?  The river, the Tan? Anywhere just to be outside with the sun, trees and more sun that has been too missed over winter.

A natural afterthought of a Tan walk is breakie at the Bot.  I had not been here since its renovations but they made little difference as we sat outside trying to lap up the heat.

The waiter did not know the menu.  When he said the baked eggs could not be done without chipolata, I asked if there were any vegetarian egg dishes.  He replied “All of them are vegetarian,” then reading off my menu, “like the eggs on toast.  Ok, that is the only vegetarian one.”  So I ordered poached eggs on toast with a side of mushrooms (which ended up being just a single one) and beans.

The egg yolks were so pale that I questioned why they bothered poaching them.  It seemed these weren’t just from caged hens but chained up, super-stressed ones.  The beans were spicy in a thick tomato salsa.  The toast didn’t have enough butter.

Our attempting-to-be-friendly waiter brought us the wrong bill.

Luckily the coffee was good.  And oh yes, the sun.

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