• From pizza cravings to 11"

5B, Equitable Place
(between 353–359 Little Collins Street)
Melbourne 3000
03 9602 5333

Today I was craving pizza.  So I did the only normal thing; looked up pizza places in the city and consequently ended up at 11” ordering a Melanzane one.  The friendly guy at the counter laughed when I ordered, explaining he knew I was going to order Melanzane, he just sensed it, he explained.  Were my cravings so strong that I was sending my order through psychic brainwaves?  Or had he read my blog and telling him my weakness?

I sat in the tasteful, Scandinavian-style-furnished eatery for several minutes before my pizza arrived.  Others came in ordering salads and ready-made-but-yet-to-be-heated pizzas from the display cabinet.  How could one settle for salad when the pizzas sounded so authentic and delicious?

My choice of Melanzane was a good one.  The eggplant was about a centimetre think, well cooked and complemented with basil.  The cheese combination of fior di latte and parmesan added an extra thrill.  Strips of red capsicum and a tomato sugo completed it.

I felt embarrassed carrying a box with a whole pizza back to work.  I planned to tell my colleagues that I would save some for dinner (as to not appear gluttonous) but luckily they didn’t ask because it was so delicious there was none for later on.

There are several vegetarian options on the menu, and space for eating too.  Look for the chalk board with PIZZA written in caps.

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