• Down and dirty at Naked for Satan

Everyone seems to rave about Naked for Satan.  Why?  Probably for the same reasons they go to Bimbos and Lucky Coq.  Is it the perceived cheap food, the dirty couches, the cool crowd?  Yes, the owners of these establishments have done well to draw in the trendy and price conscious to their eclectically decorated drinking holes.

I was pleased to discover that Naked for Satan is cleaner than Bimbos and Lucky Coq.  When I commented on this, my friend pointed at the serviettes and dirt on the floor.  Ok, so maybe Bimbos only seemed dirtier for its darkness (and that last time I was there, a drunk guy was unintentionally spitting at me while talking).

So in this trashy backdrop you would think this please would be a hell hole as the name suggests.

Luckily there are some good points.

Tapas can be selected from the front, and others brought to your seats and (mainly) coffee-style-tables. This act kindly reminded me of delicious pinchos in Bilbao.

There were enough vegetarian choices: tortilla, arancini, eggplant fritters, cheese and quince paste, haloumi, roasted vegetables.  All were tasty and after about seven my hunger subsided.

There are many infused vodkas and the helpful waitress was happy to recommend which mixers with what.

The lychee and ginger was delicious with cloudy apple juice – although perhaps too drinkable.  I also had a pineapple with soda which was nice but, as my friend suggested, could have easily been replicated with vodka and pineapple juice.

We had come for an overdue catch-up on a lively Saturday night.  After a while our throats were sore from having to talk loudly enough to compete with others’ conversations to be audible.

So to whom would you recommend Naked for Satan? The ambience could make a jilted conversation less awkward.  The drinks are plentiful.  And the pinchos soak up some of the alcohol – just make sure you have dinner beforehand.

Naked for Satan

285 Brunswick St
Fitzroy 3065
03 9416 2238

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