• The Argo

What makes a restaurant an institution?  Somewhere that everybody knows?  Somewhere that draws a crowd?  Somewhere that has been around for a long time?  Of all these, The Argo seems to hit one, or perhaps two.  It has existed in this spot forever, and it still gets busy on Friday nights and weekends.

Organising a dinner for 10 friends last week, I chose The Argo for its location and relaxed vibe.  No one could make it at the same time so the plan was to get a table and let people wander in and out as they needed.  The Argo suited us well.  The table was ours over hours and as each friend arrived they could order their drink and food from the bar.

Wanting something easy to drink, I ordered a glass of the Teusner Grenache and Mataro Rose.  It was sweet and the colour of mid-strength cordial.  Food was equally swallowable with a hot and cheesy wood fired margherita pizza.

A couple of the staff were lovely and helpful, but others were not alert to their customers and rude.  The brash attitude was not enough to ruin our night, but it was enough for us to all comment on it.

I have not been to The Argo on a weekend for a while but it is usually vibrant and a nice spot for a drink or snack.  The food is tasty, the atmosphere upbeat and there is a selection of beverages from the bar.

The Argo

64 Argo St
South Yarra 3141
03 9867 3344

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