• Medici

36 New Quay Promenade
Docklands 3008
03 9600 4160

A group dinner, drinks and the plan to go dancing afterwards – sounds great, until you are on the tram to the Docklands and people are boarding wringing water out of their hair and clothes.  We were lucky that the flash flooding rain turned to a drizzle when we had to make the run from tram stop to restaurant.

Medici is a nice spot for a group dinner, specious and central.  The food here is not amazing, but the venue is easy – easy to drive and park, easy to tram, easy to get a table on a Friday night for 12 people.

We ordered a bottle of the Bandit Sauvignon Blanc Pinot Gris, a Houghton wine, to get us in the weekend mood.  For main, I selected the vegetarian pizza and asked for Tabasco sauce to accompany.  It was nothing outstanding but still enjoyable.  There were a couple of vegetarian pastas and a risotto on the menu too, as well as a ‘gourmet’ vegetarian pizza with roasted vegetables.

Overall, it was a nice evening, mainly due to the company rather than the food.

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