• Moroccan Soup Bar

183 St Georges Rd
Fitzroy North 3068
03 9482 4240

Often misnamed the Moroccan Soup Kitchen, Moroccan Soup Bar is not free but it is cheap.

I have spent several evenings dining at the eateries surrounding Moroccan Soup Bar – the Thai restaurant opposite is not bad, there are a few pub style eateries too.  It takes an extremely popular restaurant to boost the clientele of those surrounding it, customers being forced to try something else when their selected destination is full.

No bookings for groups less than six.  No take away containers (bring your own). No spare tables after 6:30pm.  No matter what night of the week.

Perhaps I should have learnt earlier: 1) arrive by 6pm, 2) bring takeaway containers just in case.   My very organised friend once brought a large picnic set and lots of containers for us to enjoy the yummy food at the adjacent Edinburgh Gardens.  What an idea.  On a Summer evening, this can be perfect too.

The first, and most obvious, drawcard for me is that Moroccan Soup Bar is vegetarian.  Meat is not included on the menu, and in fact, there is no menu.  You can order the daily banquet or individual dishes from it. Relax; you can trust that whatever they bring out will be delicious and not spiked with tuna or meat stock.

We began with dips and pickled vegetables.  The dips were reasonable, hummus and yoghurt, but I am not a fan of pickled vegetables (despite always trying them just in case my taste buds have suddenly changed).  They were accompanied with a pile of pita.

Everyone’s favourite is always the chickpea and yoghurt dish.  The combination of fresh yoghurt, buttery crisp pita, almonds and chickpeas is unbeatable.  Spiced with paprika and cinnamon, this is the one of which everyone wants to eat more.

My second favourite is the eggplant with rice, almonds and yoghurt.  The cous cous and mild vegetable curries are tasty.

Dessert, if you have room, is coffee and bite-sized Moroccan sweets.  Fearing caffeine induced insomnia, I have never had the coffee but the sweets are always, well… sweet.  And enjoyable.

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