• Izakaya Chuji

Only just around the corner from my office (and being a fan of Japanese food) I was surprised to have never eaten at Chuji till now.  We went there for a casual work lunch on Friday.  Dark, whilst being sunny outside, the atmosphere is suited to Winter.  The waitress came with slips of paper and connector pens for us to record our names and orders.  She then went through each one in detail to check we’d filled in our forms correctly.

Of course I ordered the vegetarian bento (the only choice for vegetarians at lunch time).  It arrived in a large bento box with tempura, sushi maki, a stirfry with cabbage, capsicum and carrot, agedashi tofu, sauce, rice and miso.  Everything was very nice.  There was a lot and I actually struggled to finish it.

Whilst I enjoyed my meal, I didn’t find it “crave-worthy”.  The soft drinks were expensive, and the food was not cheap.  Still, it was an enjoyable meal and we did not have to book or wait for a table despite our big group of eight.

Izakaya Chuji

165 Lonsdale St
Melbourne 3000
03 9663 8118

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