• From Oasis Bakery to vodka cocktails

After an interesting performance in Moordialloc on Saturday, we stopped off at Oasis Bakery on the way home.  I say “stopped off” as that is what we were planning to do, not what happened.

I love Oasis Bakery. 

My friend introduced me to this place after many trips to the designer shoe shop at the back of the complex. 

Recently renovated, Oasis has a large seating area and an even bigger supermarket alongside.

Hungry at 4:30pm with no lunch, I ordered a falafel wrap and a zaatar plus (flat bread like a pizza with zaatar herb and spices, onion and tomato).  Both were delicious.  The wrap had chili and tahani, onion, lettuce and hot falafels.

Afterwards, we searched the aisles of the adjoining supermarket.  The friendly and talented sales man at the macaroons counter soon had us tasting different flavoured macaroons – chocolate, tiramisu and my favourite strawberry with white chocolate.  They were all sweet but light with lots of filling.  I stocked up on the zaatar spices, haloumi, rose water, Turkish doughnuts and Turkish delight.  I have since been making haloumi and zaatar pizzas, yum.

Soon it was 6pm and it seemed we had been in the bakery for 1.5 hours!  We then left, only for my friend to think of someone else who would love a beautifully presented box of macaroons for Christmas.  It seemed we were addicted.

So inspired after the bakery experience, last night I was craving rosewater and vodka cocktails.  My friend joined me and we came up with two concoctions.

Rosiroska (like a Caipiroska with roses)

- Rose petals
- Rose water
- Lime juice
- Soft brown sugar
- Vodka

Mix to taste and serve with ice.  We were also thinking of calling this one “hit the pavement” because it was so strong and we were walking along the footpath when trying to think of names.

Vanilla Passion

- Passionfruit pulp
- Schweppes apple and pink grapefruit mineral water
- Vodka
- Vanilla essence

Again mix to taste and serve on ice.

Both of these were inspired by the rose water and what happened to be sitting in the cupboard. But what a great Saturday of eating and drinking it was.

Oasis Bakery

993 North Rd
Murrumbeena 3165
03 9570 1122

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