• Duck Duck Goose

31-37 Artemis Lane Qv
Melbourne 3000
03 9005 0888

Whilst goose was not served, as the name suggests, duck was a focus.  This did not translate to ignoring vegetarians.

Working at the QV, Duck Duck Goose was a natural choice for our team Christmas lunch, and a good one too.

Duck Duck Goose is a big restaurant.  There is a bar and a "formal" dining area on one side with black decor and an attractive water feature.   We ate in the "casual" section with modern white furniture and a lot of natural light.  Our semi-private dining area was divided by natural wooden slats like a geometric bird cage.

The service was very attentive, especially when it came to topping up everyone’s drinks.

We ordered the set menu involving many shared dishes.   Each came with a vegetarian version or substitute.  Entrée was pancakes, dumplings, rice paper rolls and spring rolls.  The pancakes (replacing the peking duck ones for the meat eaters) were filled with raw onion, cucumber and hoisin.  The dumplings contained egg, chives, glass noodles and mushrooms.  They were fresh and light.  The spring rolls, although a little too oily, were lightly cased with celery, bok choy, and a tangy sauce.  
Main was udon, fried rice, gailan and soup.  The fried rice was not too heavy.  The udon contained lots of fresh veggies and puffy tofu.  In all the dishes, the vegetables were only just cooked and not too soft.

The dessert was a stand out with a beautiful display of vanilla bean ice-cream, pistachios, strawberries, raspberry coulis, cream, crumbled chocolate macaroon and pastry.  The flavours were refreshing and interesting, whilst not being too heavy to finalise a big meal.

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