• Sushi Burger

167 Exhibition St.
Melbourne 3000
03 9650 9877

This place doesn’t have many options but I was addicted to their vegetable croquette sushi burgers for a few days.

Enter and you are taken to Japan with a friendly “irashaimase”.
The concept is novel and I admit I was sceptical but it is something to try at least once. Made as you order, they get a sheet of crunchy dried seaweed, place rounds of rice at either ends, place a vegetable croquette on top, add lettuce and terriaki sauce and then fold it over. The sushi burgers are all served in waxed paper and in a paper burger box – yes, even the Japanese over-use-of-packaging is applied here.

The vegetable croquette sushi burgers are $4 each. Don’t bother with the vegetable bento which contains rice wrapped in tofu skins, a croquette and some seaweed salad.