• Yesign Chocolate Gallery (Docklands)

Move over paint and sip, here is Melbourne’s new must do activity.

Chocolate painting. Yep, you read right. At Yesign, you get a chocolate canvas and get to create art with your favourite edible medium.

Located in the Docklands, right next to the 86 and 70 tram stop, Yesign is a fun new concept which takes chocolate art to the next level.

Owner and artist, Danyoung Chen, started with a love of chocolate. Her art includes copies of famous paintings in chocolate, as well as her own original pieces.

“I was a chocoholic,” Danyoung explains how the concept came to her. She also focuses on the mental health benefits of painting.

Stepping into the Docklands studio, I immediately felt calm. Unlike other group painting sessions, this is set up more like a meditative past-time. And even better, it smells so good! Forget toxic paint fumes, and be welcomed by the scent of melting chocolate instead.

We were replicating Starry Night. As we were led through each step of the painting process, we soon became consumed by the activity and it was like a meditation. Time passed so quickly. I can understand why people flock here to wind-down after a difficult day at work.

The chocolate is melted, and kept ready for painting by a hot plate. We used the brush, skewer and palate knife to shape the chocolate like oil paint. The texture was think and rich, and hardened quicker that usual paint.  It was a very relaxing medium to you.

The session went so quickly, but by the end of an hour and a half, our creations were complete, and we felt totally relaxed.

Wharf Street
Docklands VIC 3008

Opening for store purchases:
Wednesday - Sunday: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm
Check website for class times.