• Burger Circus (St Kilda East)

Burger Circus has just recently opened at 10 Brighton Road, St Kilda East, with all you need delivered for a fun comforting dinner. I was invited to try their vego burger and sides, and to see just how fun a Burger Circus could be.

First things first. We are living in a delivered meals world right now. Everything is prepared fresh and delivered with heat, flavour and crispness still intact. (Nothing worse that chips and burgers soggy when they arrive!)

The Popcorn Cauliflower was a favourite. Soft moist cauliflower is crumbed and fried with a hint of spice. The seasoning makes this treat exceptionally more-ish, and I loved combining it with the creamy herb mayo which was so light and buttery on the tongue, that it could fast become a new favourite. 

The tater tots were fun bite sized potato snacks, hot and crispy. Lightly salted, these could match with any sauce. The Circus Sauce was a goer for me, with its smooth, creamy texture, and creamy tangy taste. The tater tots were fried for extra crispness, but light without being overly oily. The BBQ sauce held and extra kick. But the real heat was in Diemen's hot sauce, which was spicy!

I can't go past waffle fries. There is something so novel about the criss-crossed potatoes that brings childlike joy. These were equally crunchy and seasoned with herbs and spices. With all the flavouring, I enjoyed balancing these with the vegan alioli. Often vegan alioli can be too oily and frankly, sickening, but this one was delightfully light while maintaining smoothness and a hint of garlic. 

And what would a burger circus be without a burger? The mushroom burger is neat and flavourful with roasted portobello, a generous slice of melted smoky cheese, lettuce and herb mayo. The burger bun was potato bread: light, sweet brioche style. I love that they put so much effort into their option for us vegos.

The potato mash was beautifully creamy and generously layered with gravy.

There are so main burger joints out there, but Burger Circus is one of the good ones: fresh, flavourful, and -most importantly- fun. And oh how we all need a little fun right now.

Delivery is available through Door Dash and Deliveroo, or by calling direct on 0487070060.

Burger Circus
10 Brighton Road
St Kilda East 3183