• New Boxtails by Basic Babe

Bring the mixologist to your own home, with Basic Babe’s new low calorie Boxtails. We may not be frequenting bars, but with mouth-watering raspberry and lime margarita, passionfruit martini and pink gin daiquiri – you can enjoy delicious beverages at home. 

Basic Babe is an Australian made and owned alcohol brand and their new range of Boxtails are a welcome addition to their popular alcoholic sparkling waters in a can. Perfect for the warmer weather, they combine the tastes of your favourite spirits with real fruit juice.  The low-calorie range is 99% sugar free (with only 60 calories per serve). They are also gluten-free.

“With Aussies becoming more health conscious, we wanted to create an alcoholic beverage that tastes just like your favourite cocktail, minus the calories. We are so proud of the Boxtails range that we created and are so excited for everyone to try them. Perfect for those hosting a party or for those in lockdown to feel like they’re enjoying cocktails from a bar at home.” Said Co-Founder, Mark Collins.

Basic Babe Boxtails are now available at BWS for RRP $29.99 or two for $50. For more information, please visit: basicbabe.co