• 6 Reasons why you need to try Speedfit

Speedfit is a totally new way to workout. With studios in Brighton, the CBD and Prahran, I was invited to try out the craze and find out: does this way of exercising really work? And: is it really as fast as they say?

Speedfit is based on Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS). The EMS machines mimic the central nervous system by sending impulses into your muscles. 

For first-timers, the intro process can feel a little weird. Strip off everything – yes, everything – and don a stretchy two pieced suit that clings to your body.  A wet vest, arm, glute and leg straps are then tightened onto you. Wet? Yes, for the electricity to flow into the muscles, the apparatus is expertly sprayed with water before your session. 

All dressed up like a sci-fi hero, you’re now ready for your workout.

The workout takes place on a usual exercise mat, and the vest and straps are connected via wires to a machine in front of you. From here, your instructor will test your strength level, by sending electric pulses into each muscle group. 

The actual workout went extremely quickly. Only 20 minutes to work the whole body. As the muscles contract, the EMS kicks into gear. The movements varied from squats to tricep extensions. The most surprising thing was how hard I could work, without holding weights.

6 Reasons why you need to try Speedfit

1. You Hate Exercise

I love exercising, I love the endorphin rush, and I love feeling fit and strong. But if you hate exercising, then this workout could be exactly what the doctor ordered. The others at the studio when I was there, commented that they usually hate to workout, but really enjoy Speedfit. I can see why. You can get a hard workout, while not working hard.

2. You’re a beginner or recovering from injury

The practise of holding positions is fabulous for those recovering from injury. There is no impact to joints (unlike other forms of exercise such as running or boxing) and because there are no weights involved, you will not hurt yourself by lifting with poor form. Your also taken through each exercise with an expert instructor.

3. You don’t have time

20 minutes. That’s it!

4. You want to take your strength to the next level

Many people find that doing Speedfit helps to build strength beyond a usual weights program. If you are feeling stuck and not progressing with your current strength routine, this could be the ignition you need.

5. You struggle to work certain muscles

My glutes are lazy, I admit it, and that’s probably what I liked best about this workout. Where other muscles might usually take over, the ESM ensures all the contracted muscles are getting stimulated, and therefore stronger.

6.You want to workout but hate big gyms and classes

Each session is run by an expert instructor, for only two people at a time. You can workout with a buddy, or sign in solo. Either way your instructor is going to ensure you are moving well and getting the most out of your workout.

Overall, I was really impressed. I can see that it has many benefits and I am eager to try it again and build it into my usual fitness routine. The best benefit for me is that it works all contracted muscles, so I can build strength in areas that have previously been challenges for me (I definitely had DOMS in new places a few days later). I had fun and look forward to seeing what longer term results might be. I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, you can check out Speedfit for yourself, go to  speedfit.com.au to book a session.