• We're back!! Bracing the rain in style.

  • Date: Tuesday 1 December 2020

Oh Melbourne! How happy am I to be able to walk your streets again, admire your street art? To drink your coffee in a porcelain mug. To stroll through your gardens and breathe in the spring Jasmine. To travel to the nearby beaches. To just be outside and enjoy it...

There are so many things in Melbourne that I am no longer taking for granted. And whilst we are known for café culture and street art, we are equally known for unpredictable weather.

Umbrella brand, BLUNT, are making the most of these iconic traits with a new collaboration with Melbourne street artist, Jordan Debney.

BLUNT’s umbrellas are designed to withstand winds of up to 115kmh. The practical and sustainable design is perfect for the weather we are experiencing right now. 

Even better, these umbrellas look totally cool. Just check out this new design!

You can check out more of Jordan’s work on his website: jordandebney.com

And invest in a long lasting and stylish umbrella of your own (or for a great gift) at bluntumbrella.com.au