• Get Creative with Relaxing Painting Classes from Cork and Canvas

Feeling stressed? Why not do something creative. The Journal of the American Art Therapy Association found that just 45 minutes of creativity drops the stress hormone, cortisol.

Art School, Cork and Canvas, know you don’t have to create a masterpiece to feel the benefits of painting.

In their 2-hour workshops you can gain the skills from experienced artists and learn to paint from your own home. That’s right, their classes are going online.

For just $25 you can access their step-by-step video tutorials.

Cork and Canvas are also running online classes with the Easter Bunny for kids for the Easter long weekend.

You can purchase creative kits including brushes, paints, canvases and wine vouchers in collaboration with wine delivery service Different Drop for $20 for every wine purchase over $100.

Kits include paints, brushes, plates for palettes and canvas. Single pack ($65), double ($120) and family sizes ($230).

I personally love to paint. I become incredibly focused and time just disappears.  Now is a great time to do it.

Check out more on the Cork and Canvas website. Happy painting!