• ESK : Healthy Skin from Aussie Experts

We are so conscious of our skin in Australia. We know the sun is harsh, we know it ages us. But with a sensitive complexion, it can be hard to find effective products that don’t irritate.

Australian wife and husband team, Dr Ginni Mansberg and Daniel Rubinstein, are bringing the forefront of science into ESK – Evidence Skincare. The brand was founded in 2012 and employs local doctors, dermatologists and scientists to create Australian-made, Australian-researched cosmeceutical-grade products. It started as products exclusively available to medical practitioners, and now it is available directly to us!

I was sent a sample of their Ultimate A to try.

I love that this brand is researched and made locally. I love that it uses a scientific approach. But would my skin love it?

Australian skincare brand, ESK's Ultimate A RRP $105

The Ultimate A is retinal-based evening face serum with a retinal base. Vitamin A is promoted as an ingredient by many brands, but if not in the right form, it will not be absorbed by the skin or effective.  ESK use retinal is the most effective and least irritating form of Vitamin A.

“We wanted to cut through all the beauty babble and create two cosmeceutical-grade serums that not only deliver on results, but are universally suited to a range of skin types and conditions.” Says Dr Ginni.

I am told that the Ultimate A will be great for my sensitive skin; and that it will promote collagen production, reduce acne, rosacea, skin discolouration, and even reduce wrinkles.

Day one, my skin is not reacting well. My eyes are puffy and I didn’t even put it around my eyes. I give it a few days break and soon try again.  The next time I try it, I see my skin break out. This is typical of my skin trying something new.  But I stick with it and after my second attempt I give it a week of nightly use. After a week, my skin starts to settle. A few days later, I begin to see the benefits.

This serum actually does nearly everything it says it will for my skin – I notice a clearer complexion, smoother colouration and less irritation. I have now been using it for several weeks and will be integrating it into my usual skincare routine.

I did find that if I use too much, my eyes still get puffy. For me, a thin layer or one pump over the whole face is enough. They also advise it is not suitable for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding. I have not found a difference in wrinkles, but I assume this happens over time.

The promises of ESK’s products are high. But it seems their reviews and ratings are too. Most of their products get five stars on their website with rave reviews. Eventually I want to try the Reverse C Serum and Zinc Shade, which are supposed to be good for anti-aging and sun protection use mornings.

ESK is available at  www.eskcare.com. Their online questionnaire will help you discover which products would be best for your skin type.