• Voca People - Comedy Musical - One Day Only!!!

Watch out Melbourne. A crew of super skilled aliens is coming our way. Israeli-based Voca People is a musical come comedy group using their voices for the entire score. That’s right, it’s an all a-cappella musical, with no instruments or sound effects – only voice.  Oh, and it’s hilarious.

The storyline is like this: the friendly aliens from planet VOCA, have just crashed on Earth. Their spaceship’s fuel-musical-energy is running on empty, and they need to play Earth music to get home.

Lior Kalfo is the Creator, Producer and Artistic Director.  He co-wrote and starred in “The Comedy Store”, one of Israel’s most popular comedies running for 102 episodes and winning multiple awards.

The Voca People was a zany idea that Lior pondered over for four years before the first rehearsal in 2009. Starting on YouTube, the channel has had over five million viewers within just four months.

Shai Fishman is the musical mastermind.  As the Composer, Musical Director and Arranger, he has the team beatboxing everything from Madonna to Mozart. You’d think there is an entire orchestra.

“I didn’t want the Vocas to have a classic a cappella sound,” said Shai. “Instead wanted to preserve and accentuate the original arrangements and well-known musical riffs of popular songs.”

“We brought something incredibly unique to a field that needed new inspiration. (…) We wanted to form an ‘elite squad’ of musical talents, so only the most talented, gifted out-of-this-world talents were carefully chosen. They needed to have skills not only as singers and beat boxing; they also need to possess comic and dancing skills.”

Over the past ten years, Lior and Shai have taken Voca People to 44 countries and over 3 million fans. They believe that music is a powerful way to link humanity as children to adults can laugh and sing together. “Life is music and music is life”.

Each performance is unique, with audience engagement and improvisation.

The show will be in Melbourne for one day only. Check out the talent online and get your tickets through The Arts Centre.

Voca People
Sun 3 May | Arts Centre Melbourne
Fri 1 May | State Theatre, Sydney

"Simply great! A knockout!"
The New York Times

"The Coolest Show Ever"
Jimmy Fallon, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon