• The Shed at Terindah Estate (Bellarine)

Happy holidays everyone!!  I’d have to say that I am loving this summer weather, the heat, the sun, and especially the beach!  Down on the Bellarine Peninsula, we managed to sneak in a few beach days, plus a visit to the beautiful Terindah Estate for lunch.

Firstly, this place is gorgeous.  The view is incredible.  Think vineyards are picturesque?  Well imagine green hills with vines, then looking down to the sea below.  This is the view at Terindah.

We were here for a family lunch and sat outside, sharing dishes and admiring the view.

There are a couple of vegetarian options, all in a sophisticated salad style.  The kipfler potatoes had been boiled and cooled.  They were moist and served with asparagus, rehydrated seaweed and dustings of ricotta cheese.  The flavours and textures were refreshing, creating a new style of the good old potato salad.  The dressing added an extra tang made with vinaigrette and honey.

The spiced carrots looked artistic tasted divine with a smokey edge.  Look at how pretty the flowers and colours make this dish.

The broadbeans were prepared with equal creativity, covered by thinly sliced beetroot and hibiscus with wedges of cooked beets on the side.

Dessert showed several options, me taking the trifle.  Trifle instantly has me thinking of summer and badminton competitions at Blairgowrie that we used to attend as kids.   The custard was so rich and creamy, whilst the chill kept it refreshing.  The sponge had been soaked in Terindah's sparkling.

Others ordered the chocolate mousse.  With salt, crispy saltbush and rich chocolate mousse, this was an impressive dessert.

The food at Terindah Estate is sophisticated and tasty, perhaps overly complicated but executed well.  The prices are a little high, but worth the effort put into each creation.  I enjoyed every dish, but it will be the view that brings us back.

Terindah Estate
90 McAdams Lane
Bellarine 3223 
03 5251 5536
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