• Mariage Frères (Paris)


Paris is justifiably known for many of its attractions. On our third and fourth visit to Paris we discovered a little known fact: Paris is a tea connoisseur’s  Nirvana.  Mariage Freres was founded in Paris in 1854. It is dedicated to serving and selling the finest teas from all around the world.

A tea shop dedicated to a broad range of fine teas deserves a lot of time.  Marriage Frères is totally out of control;  $15 for a cup of tea, $40 for afternoon tea with savoury, cake and a pot of your choosing.

Preparing and drinking fine tea needs to be full of ritual: in Japan the traditional Tea Ceremony pays homage to the magic of tea. At Mariage Frères the tea is approached with the reverence befitting the world’s most delicate teas. The venue is a small street off Rue Rivoli. The shop and café is full of class without being pretentious. The waiters are very knowledgeable about the teas and will advise according to taste preferences.

The tea is served in handsome insulated pots and fine cups. The tea I had was a Margaret Hope, a second flush Assam tea. This had a wonderful delicate flavour for an Assam tea. The café is bright with natural light. The decor is modern but not large: it provides an unhurried intimacy for afternoon tea. Our afternoon tea lasted for more than two hours. During this time tables were turned over with a variety of customers, but the atmosphere remained very relaxed and unhurried .


The layered sandwich was more extravagant and delicious that expected.  Layers of bread had been toasted with oil till crisp, and slithers of soft, grilled vegetables lay in between.  The quinoa salad was refreshing with fresh tomato and rocket on the side.

Everything here is flavoured with tea.  Even the salt and pepper.

Dessert was a highlight.  See our review of the mille feuille and chocolate ganache tart in our video blog.

Mariage Frères
30 Rue du Bourg Tibourg
75004 Paris