• Top tourist (and non-tourist) spots in Lyon.

With a few days to see the city, weather fluctuating between rain and a heat wave and the town’s historical centre packed with tourists; we were eager to explore the quieter sides of Lyon – France’s food capital.  Amongst the bustle of the city, there are a couple of gems for respite.

Musee Gadagne Café

This was by far my favourite spot in Lyon.  This museum of Lyon’s history and international puppets, is in a sixteenth century mansion.  The café is on the roof garden with beautiful flowers and a pleasant dining area.  The clientele here are trendier, more sociable and kid-friendly.  We indulged in a nap on the beautiful lawn and another family even shared their champagne with us.  Coming back another day, we enjoyed the iced chocolates served with mini cannelles.

Delicious iced-chocolate to relax during a hot day in Lyon.

Enjoying an afternoon nap.

Musee des Beaux-Arts Café

The beautiful quadrangle that is the Musee des Beaux-Arts is filled with a lovely garden and the museum’s café looks onto this from the stone balcony above.  Arriving in the evening, it was a beautiful spot to relax and enjoy a glass of rose.  The clientele here are typical art lovers, but you can access the café without paying entrance to the museum.  The museum itself houses one of  Lyon’s finest art collections.

Tranquility - wine and a garden view.
While in the area…

Take a chance to go up through the beautiful gardens to the impressive Basilique de Notre Dame Fourviere.  The mosaic cathedral is stunning and the quirky chapel underneath makes this place of worship unique.  Otherwise, enjoy wondering through the medieval and modern streets of this eclectic city.  If you have a luxury of a few days, a day trip to one of the neighbouring wine regions is perfect.

The walk to the hilltop cathedral is beautiful through the charming garden.

Do you have any tips for visiting Lyon?  Let me know in the comments.  Happy travels!

X Elisa