• East Side Burgers (Paris)

Moving into a cute one bedroom on Avenue Parmentier, I was told: there are good restaurants near there, you have to try Chateaubriand and East Side Burgers.  The vegetarian burger and hot dog restaurant has the all American theme throughout.

There is a choice between two burgers each day and hotdogs with sides are always on the menu.  My first visit, I ordered the Popeye (with spinach), but ended up with the cheese one through error, and a side of chips.

Ordering at the counter near the entrance, the dining room is a steep but short climb into the basement.  Despite the lack of understanding of vegetarianism in Paris, it was full, having to wait for a seat.  There are also a couple of tables at the front, outside, which are sadly never on the sunny side of the street.  Names are called over a speaker to collect meals when ready.

The cheese was too strong for my mood but the burger overall was still enjoyable.  The bread was a standard burger bun, fluffy and junky. It was simple with a mixed tofu patty, cheese, lettuce, onion.  It tasted better after adding tomato sauce.  Whilst not as good as Melbourne’s Huxtaburger, anything 100% vegetarian in Paris is always nice.

The chips were awesome; hot, fresh, crispy on the outside and soft in the middle like a potato mash.

Having read that the hotdogs are done better, I returned to try one take-away with an extra of onions.  I felt almost trendy carrying the chic packaging home.  The onions were well caramelised and it was smothered with tomato sauce and mustard.  The hot dog itself was soy based.  Whilst this was a filling, vegetarian and reasonably priced, I was reminded that this was also a true fast, junk food meal – not healthy and not to be eaten often.

East Side Burgers
60 Boulevard Voltaire
75011 Paris