• From on High (Prahran)

I am sick of queuing.  Admittedly the best brunch spots are worth it, but who wants to spend their weekend morning in a line outside, getting hungry and cold?  Having lunch with my friend’s mum the other day, I was stuck on where to take her.  Was there anywhere close but tasty which did not focus on rushing people in and out with backless stools and clip-boards at the front?

From on High had been written up positively by Brunch Addicts and seeing that all their recommendations had been worthy to date, I decided to give it a try.

It was easy parking at the side street around the corner and there was no trouble getting a table instantly.  The menu has several interesting options and I was caught between eggs, berry hotcakes and beetroot felafels.

The baked eggs with beans and harissa were quite a treat.  The eggs were baked in the sauce and held firm whites but yolks a smidgen under done.  It was a hearty dish with flavoursome beans, eggs and a serving of flat bread to mop it all up.

The pumpkin and chickpea soup was apparently delicious and equally appropriate for a cold day.

Coffee was beautifully presented with creamy froth and intensity in the blend.

What was perhaps most lovely is that it was a quiet spot with enough diners to give it atmosphere, but too few to create a hectic rowdiness that has somehow sneaked its way into Melbourne brunch culture.

From on High
412 High Street
Prahran 3181
03 9510 3751

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  1. Ooo, baked eggs with harissa and beans?!? That sounds incredible!

  2. Thanks Joyti. Beautiful photos and words on your blog. I love tea, vegetarian food and thinking too - although I don't often have space for the later. It's nice to have some inspiration for cooking, I will have to try some of your recipes (very creative).