• Hooked (Hawthorn)

Michael and I were recently invited to Hooked, known for its seafood and battered fish.  I declined – I was busy that night – but when another invitation came with a voucher asking us to choose anytime, we could not refuse.  Checking the menu online first (still wary of the fish focused theme) I was surprised to see a number of vegetarian options.

Hooked has recently opened a restaurant on Glenferrie Road in Hawthorn.  The theme is nautical, white, spacious, hard stools and an open setting.  Orders are taken at the counter and delivered to the table.

The veggie burger was a fried pattie served on my choice of wholemeal (rather than high fibre) bread.  Pink pickled onions and a sweet, tangy salsa brought this carb-heavy handful together.

The chips were crispy and clean fried in hot oil.  Asking for the secret it was revealed that they had been fried in a blend of cotton seed oil.

The super food salad was a highlight.  The ingredients were so fresh and healthy, reminding myself that we were at a fish and chips restaurant.  Fresh peas, bitter green leaves, quinoa, sesame seeds, broccoli, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and a tangy lemon, yoghurt dressing gave this the right mix of fresh crunch, raw veggies, nutrients and flavour to make this a balanced meal.

The serves were big.  The burger was big, the chips were big, the salad was big.  This would have been enough for a decent meal between two.

I admit I was proved wrong by Hooked.  Not only does it cater to vegetarians, but it does these dishes well.  The chips were so perfect with the crunch and soft potato that I would return for those alone.  A nice salad can then balance it all out.  Michael enjoyed himself too.

669 Glenferrie Road
Hawthorn 3122
03 9939 4412

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